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Subsidized Rent

*Eligibility criteria include an income test: total annual income must be equal to or less than $38,000 (for a 1 bedroom suite) and $46,000 (for a 2 bedroom suite) *Note: This only applies to our Deveraux Heights location.


*Note: Pets are not allowed at Sky Harbour and Sky Pointe.



The Applicant(s) acknowledge(s) and agree(s):

  1. that Altern Properties Inc. is the agent for the owner of the property and has the authority to do all things necessary to lease and manage the noted property.
  2. to apply to a three (3) month minimum lease.
  3. upon approval of the application, Altern Properties Inc. will hold an available suite for the applicant when payment by cheque, money order, cash or e-transfer of a minimum of 50% of the applicable security deposit is received and the Tenancy Agreement is completed and signed. Failure to take possession of the suite on the occupancy date will constitute a breach of the Agreement and that the amount of the security deposit paid will be forfeited to the owner as liquidated damages.
  4. the applicant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of Altern Properties Inc.’s Standard Tenancy Agreement.
  5. in order for Altern Properies Inc. to comply with federal and provincial legislation, all personal information in this application is collected, used and disclosed to Altern Properties Inc. for the purpose of the application assessment, debt collection, to uphold and maintain the rules and regulations of the property, to evaluate potential tenancy, to comply with applicable law(s) and in the ordinary course of Altern Properties Inc.’s business.
  6. that the failure by Altern Properties Inc. to obtain an accurate and satisfactory credit report may adversely affect this application
  7. if information in this application is incorrect, Altern Properties Inc. may at its option elect to terminate a Tenancy Agreement upon thirty days written notice.

By submitting this form I/We:

  • have read and understand this application;
  • certify that all statements made in this application are true and correct;
  • agree and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information contained in this application for the purposes of Altern Properties Inc. assessing this application; and
  • authorize Altern Properties Inc. to conduct inquiries including personal investigation and credit checks and to contact any person identified in this application